– – – The HEATED task force is currently running the activities of the Health Economics TF – – –


The EHDN Health Economics Working Group is a group of clinicians, scientists, health economists, and patient advocates.


Main goal
Assess the health technology appraisal process, identify the most appropriate measures of cost-effectiveness and advise patient support groups.

Aims of the working group

  • Construct and test valid health economic models for use in trials
  • Develop partnerships with companies and academic institutions to further this aim
  • Identify measures for economic assessment, covering costs, benefits, and wider impacts relevant to people affected by Huntington’s disease for use in clinical trials and cost-effectiveness analyses.
  • Work with health technology assessment bodies and health payers to overcome barriers to access.


Projects in this group are on hold awaiting the outcome of other initiatives outside the network


Lead Facilitator:
Associated EHDN Language Area Coordinator:
Tomas Bernard, EHDN Lanco, Czech Republic