EHDN2022 DAY 2

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PLENARY SESSION III: Update on Ongoing Clinical Trials;
Chaired by Sarah Tabrizi and Astri Arnesen

Sarah Tabrizi and Astri Arnesen

Michael Hayden

Ricardo Dolmetsch

Wave Life Sciences
Danlin Xu

PTC Therapeutics
Amy-Lee Bredlau

SOM Biotech
Catherine Scart

Triplet Therepeutics
Irina Antonijevic

Panel discussion

Chaired by Katrin Lindenberg and Anne Nørremølle

Novel Bioassays to Detect Soluble and Aggregated Isoforms of the Huntingtin Protein on three Technology Platforms
Christian Landles

Saliva Biomarker Discovery in Huntington’s Disease
Niels Skotte

Plasma Extracellular Small RNAs are Early Deregulated in Huntington’s Disease and Correlate with Cognitive Symptoms
Ana Gámez-Valero

Alterations in Breathing Patterns During Speech in Early and Moderate Huntington Disease
Wiebke Frank

MSH3-Targeting Antisense Oligonucleotides Halt CAG Repeat Expansions in Huntington’s Disease IPSC-Derived Neurons
Emma Bunting

A Genome-Wide Screening in Pluripotent Cells Identifies MTF1 as a Novel Suppressor of Mutant Huntingtin Toxicity
Anna Maria Gambetta

EHDN Business Meeting

Anne Rosser and Patrick Weydt

PARALLEL SESSION II: The Use of Biomarkers in Clinical Trials of Neurodegenerative Disorders;
Chaired by Maciej Figiel and Lauren Byrne

Neurofilaments as Biomarkers Across Neurodegenerative Disorders
Henrik Zetterberg

A Novel Ultrasensitive Assay to Measure Huntingtin Protein in a Polyglutamine-length-independent Manner
Douglas Macdonald

An Update on iMAGEmHTT – mHTT PET Tracer Development in the Clinic
Aline Delva

A Perspective of Unmet Biomarker Needs for HD Therapeutic Development
Lauren Byrne

PARALLEL SESSION II: Neurodevelopment/Pediatric/Juvenile HD;
Chaired by Sandrine Humbert

Axonal Growth Defects During Development Contribute to Early HD Signs
Mariacristina Capizzi

Growth and Development of the Striatum in Children and Adolescents at Risk for HD
Radhia Kacher

Huntington’s Disease in Kids
Ferdinando Squitieri

PARALLEL SESSION III: White Matter Changes in HD;
Chaired by Åsa Petersén and Mahmoud Pouladi

Åsa Petersén

Oligodendrocyte Dysfunction in HD
Mahmoud Pouladi

Early White Matter Pathology in the Fornix in HD
Sanaz Gabery

Glial-specific Transcriptomic Changes in HD
Anna Williams and Sunniva Bøstrand

PARELLEL SESSION III: Multidisciplinary Care
Chaired by Ruth Veenhuizen and Monica Busse

Session Introduction
Monica Busse
Moral Deliberation and Dilemmas in
Multidisciplinary Care
Ruth Veenhuizen

Moving Against Resistance: Implications for Physiotherapy and Physical Activity
Una Jones

Managing the Transition from Independence
Manon van Kampen

Nutrition Decision Making
Margret Knoll

Panel Discussion

KEYNOTE LECTURE: Lessons Learnt from Other Neurodegenerative Disorders;
Chaired by Patrick Weydt

Patrick Weydt

Protein Vaccination to Treat RAN Translation in C9ORF ALS
Dieter Edbauer

KEYNOTE LECTURE: HD-ISS – A Primer for Use in Clinical Research;
Chaired by Cristina Sampaio

Cristina Sampaio

Sarah Tabrizi

Chaired by Jean-Marc Burgunder

Jean-Marc Burgunder

Towards an Understanding of the Post-treatment and Mechanistic Aspects of Tominersen
Peter McColgan

ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: What do Results from Clinical Trials Mean?Chaired by Jean-Marc Burgunder and Patrick Weydt

Speakers: Henrik Zetterberg, Bernhard Landwehrmeyer, Jessica Koehli, Anne Rosser, Peter McColgan and Irina

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