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The EHDN 2021 Remote Meeting

Dear Friend of EHDN,
On behalf of the members of the Program and Organizing Committee and the Executive Committee of the European Huntington´s Disease Network we want to thank you for your participation in the 3 half-day EHDN Remote Meeting on

Thursday – Saturday, September 9-11, 2021

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Meeting-Report: EHDN2021-Report

[brief poster summaries]
Published meeting abstracts in a supplement edition of the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry [JNNP]

Posters: EHDN2021-Poster

Meeting recordings: DAY1, DAY2, DAY3


Anne Rosser, Jean-Marc Burgunder, Astri Arnesen
KEYNOTE SESSION I: From fruitfly biorhythm genetics to Huntington’s
Charalambos P. Kyriacou
PLENARY SESSION I: Genetic modifiers of HD: DNA damage and somatic expansion of repeats; Chaired by: Lesley Jones and Davina Hensman
Gene editing for expanded CAG/CTG repeat disorders: making a long story short
Vincent Dion
Using histone deacetylase 3 inhibition to rein in HD expansion mutations
Bob Lahue
Dissecting Genetic Modifiers of HD: Towards Understanding Mechanism
Vanessa Wheeler
PLENARY SESSION II: Cognition; Chaired by: Jaime Kulisevsky and Saul Maritnez-Horta
Session presentation
Saul Martinez-Horta
Visual system integrity in Huntington’s disease
Michael Orth
Hippocampal-dependent memory in Huntington’s disease
Julie Stout
Closing Remarks
Jaime Kulisevsky
SHORT COMMUNICATIONS I: Chaired by: Esther Cubo and Lauren Byrne
Research Participation: The View of Persons at Risk and Persons with Premanifest HD
Filipa Júlio
Huntington’s Disease Burden of Illness (HDBOI): Study Methodology, Sample
Representativeness and Fieldwork Risk Mitigation Strategy During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Idaira Rodríguez
Comparison of models for estimating Age at motor onset in HD
Peter Holmans
Skill-Based Dysphagia Training as an Intervention for Individuals with HD
Emma Burnip
Introducing JOIN-HD: The Juvenile Onset Initiative for Huntington’s Disease
Rebecca Mason
Announcement and Round-up
HDYO donation
Matthew Ellison
ROUND-UP and Goodbye for the day
Hosts Anne Rosser and Jean-Marc Burgunder with Sandrine Humbert and Bernhard Landwehrmeyer


MDS/EHDN teaching course
Michael Orth
PLENARY SESSION III: Clinical Trial Session; Chaired by: Ralf Reilmann and Dina de Sousa
Roche – An update from the tominersen clinical development programme
Scott Schobel
SIGNAL/Vaccinex – results and lessons learnt
Maurice Zauderer
SELECT-HD, an adaptive first-in-human clinical trial to evaluate WVE-003, an investigational allele-selective mHTT-lowering oligonucleotide, in early manifest Huntington’s disease
Vissia Viglietta
UniQure – An update on HD-GeneTRX-1 and HD-GeneTRX-2 – Phase 1 / 2 Clinical Trials of AMT-130 Gene Therapy for early stage HD
David Cooper
Development of TTX-3360 to prevent onset and/or progression in HD and other Repeat Expansion Disorders by Halting Somatic Expansion
Irina Antonijevic
PROOF-HD – update on the status of the phase III clinical trial of pridopidine aiming to improve global function in early stage HD
Michael Hayden
PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the lessons learned in the drug development process?; Chaired by: Ralf Reilmann and Dina de Sousa
Speakers from Plenary Session III
PARALLEL SESSION: Neuro-Development; Chaired by: Sandrine Humbert and Silvia Gines
Huntington’s disease alters cortical development in mouse and human
Monia Barnat
Pediatric onset Huntington disease: neuro developmental delay or early neurodegeneration?
Ferdinando Squitieri
Specific developmental alterations of striatal subpopulations in Huntington’s disease
Josep Canals
PARALLEL SESSION: Multidisciplinary care; Chaired by: Marleen van Walsem and Ruth Veenhuizen
Introduction: Multidisciplinary care and treatment: focus on care in advanced stages: challenges and approaches for managing
Ruth Veenhuizen
Challenges and practise-based approaches in professional advanced care
Marleen van Walsem
Patients with Huntington’s disease living in a nursing home: characteristics, functioning, and gender differences
Ruth Veenhuizen
Passivities of daily living
Manon van Kampen
SHORT COMMUNICATIONS II Chaired by: Ahmad Aziz and Maria Björkqvist
Fronto-Striatal Circuits for Cognitive Flexibility in far from Onset Huntington’s Disease: Evidence from the Young Adult Study
Christelle Langley
Mutation-Related Apparent Myelin, not Axon Density, Drives White Matter Pathology in Premanifest Huntington’s Disease: Evidence from in Vivo Ultra-Strong Gradient MRI
Chiara Casella
A Different Depression: Antidepressant Efficacy and Cognitive Mechanisms of Mood Disorder in Huntington’s Disease
Duncan McLauchlan
Clinical Translation of Stem Cell Therapies for Huntington’s Disease (HD)
Anne Rosser
Triheptanoin is Associated with Clinical Stability and Decreased Caudate Atrophy in HD
Fanny Mochel
Goodbye for the day
Hosts Anne Rosser and Jean-Marc Burgunder with Ahmad Aziz and Dina de Sousa


SHORT COMMUNICATIONS III: Chaired by Kathrin Reetz and Jean-Marc Burgunder
FAN1 Controls CAG Repeat Expansion in Huntington’s Disease by Dual Functions, MLH1 Retention and Nuclease Activity
Joseph Hamilton
Striatal Procedural Memory-Induced Transcriptome and Epigenome are Severely Impaired in Huntington’s Disease Mice
Rafael Alcalá-Vida
A New In Vivo and In Vitro Single-Cell Atlas of Developing Medium Spiny Neurons to Guide Future Improvements for Huntington Disease Cell-Replacement Therapies and Disease Modelling
Vittoria Bocchi
Huntingtin-Mediated Axonal Transport Requires Arginine Methylation by PRMT6
Alice Migazzi
The ‘Hold me Tight’ Relationship Program for Couples Facing Huntington’s Disease
Lucienne van der Meer
PARALLEL SESSION: Digital Technologies to Advance Assessment and Care in HD; Chaired by: Alzbeta Mühlbäck and Monica Busse
Introduction to the session: Landscape View of the Field
Monica Busse
Ralf Reilmann
eHealth Platform for HD overview
Pearl van Lonkhuizen
DOMINO-HD overview
Philippa Morgan-Jones
Panel Discussion: Ethical & practical challenges
All speakers and chairs
PARALLEL SESSION: Sleep, circadian rhythm and metabolism in HD; Chaired by: Patrick Weydt and Asa Petersen
Introduction to the topic by the chairs Sleep and metabolism in Huntington disease
Roger Barker
Clock genes and circadian rhythm
Charalambos P. Kyriacou
Targeting cholesterol metabolism as a therapy for Huntington disease
Sandrine Betuing
Summary and practical tips
PLENARY SESSION IV: Upcoming Clinical Trials; Chaired by: Jean-Marc Burgunder and Bernhard Landwehrmeyer
SOM Biotech
Catherine Scart-Grès
Beth Borowsky
Current Gene therapeutic efforts: an overview
Bernhard Landwehrmeyer
Enroll-HD Platform Studies
Olivia Handley
Ed Wild
Panel discussion
all speakers of session IV
KEYNOTE SESSION II: Outlook; Chaired by: Dina de Sousa and Giorgos Papantoniou
New staging system in HD extending the window of testing and treatment
Cristina Sampaio
ROUND-UP and Goodby for the day; Chaired by: Anne Rosser and Jean-Marc Burgunder
Historical perspective
Tom Bird
Hosts Anne Rosser and Jean-Marc Burgunder with Tom Bird, Astri Arnesen

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