Clinical Rater Training

Clinical rater training is critical to ensure the quality and reliability of clinical data collection. The Enroll-HD Clinical Training portal is designed to host training materials that are relevant to clinical studies and trials.  It enables clinical raters to review training materials and obtain certification (where applicable).  The Enroll-HD Clinical Training Portal enables centralised tracking of training and certification.  Moreover, by hosting the training materials in one central portal, it ensures consistency within the content, format and quality of training for those accessing the various modules.

The Enroll-HD Clinical Training portal will be launched in Q4 2016 with Motor Rater Training Modules and GCP for Clinical Trials being available.  Future releases planned for 2017 and 2018 will include training modules that cover behavioural, cognitive, functional and HD Clinical Characteristics training. Further details can be found by visiting

The EHDN motor phenotype working group has developed online training videos and certification for the UHDRS motor rating scale, a key trial outcome measure used by trial sponsors. In addition, the behavioural phenotype working group has developed the short version of the Problem Behaviours Assessment (PBA-s); a HD specific assessment tool for psychiatric and behavioural symptoms, frequently used in trials. The working group provide training for the scale either face to face or via webinars.