Working Group Purpose

One of EHDN’s strategies is to promote research because research can deliver novel HD treatments and tools to measure their effects. Based on the 2017 Scientific Strategic Plan the EHDN Science Think Tank intends to complement and facilitate EHDN research initiatives such as the Working Groups or task forces in three different ways:

  1. Interaction with WG and TF lead facilitators to help identify potential collaborators or funding opportunities for their research or if they want to discuss scientific ideas.
  2. Identification of key scientific questions in HD.
  3. The HD Science Think Tank may occasionally propose specific research topics that could be addressed scientifically by HD researchers for instance in a task force.

If you cannot find what you were looking for, or think a new working group should be established please contact the Think Tank.

Working Group Membership

All HD researchers, clinicians, and HD family members who want to contribute to HD research are welcome to join the working groups. Every EHDN member can contact the lead facilitator and the associated EHDN Language Area Coordinator of the working group in question. You should also contact the EHDN Central Coordination to request a login for the members-only area of the webpage associated with that working group. We encourage and welcome members’ participation.

Contact Information

Working Group Coordinator:

Yury Seliverstov