Grants and Collaborations

We support Huntington’s disease researchers identify potential funding opportunities and collaborations.

Assistance can be given to

  • Help identify suitable funding calls for research, education and/or care projects in HD.
  • Help connect with HD researchers and clinicians (via Think-tank) and assist collaborations with other partners, if required.
  • Help organise conference calls to discuss HD project ideas where needed.
  • Give information about grant programmes/funding contacts at a local, regional and national level.
  • Below is a list of possible grant opportunities for projects in Huntington’s Disease. If you are aware of other opportunities not listed here, please let me know so that we can add this information.

    Please contact Fionnuala Margreiter, EHDN Grants & collaborations manager with any comments, questions or queries.

Individual grants

Are you looking for opportunities to develop your expertise and career in HD? The following are examples of potential opportunities.

Collaboration grants

The following are mainly opportunities for joint collaborative applications from partners in several countries. If you need further information on national/bilateral funding opportunities please contact Fionnuala Margreiter.

National funding opportunities

We are currently adding to our countries list and funding options. If you know of more funding opportunities please get in touch with Fionnuala Margreiter.