This WG is multidisciplinary (neurologists, psychologists, researchers and others) with a special interest in digital tools in context of clinical symptoms in patients with HD. Our main goal is landscaping and evaluating of digital tools to assess, monitor and quantify clinical symptoms in patients with HD of any stage. The use of selected tools might address clinical routine and/or outcomes for clinical trials for approval of new treatments for HD.


Previous projects

  • Within this newly founded WG no collaborative projects were established or started yet. However, all members are/were involved in digital projects.

Ongoing projects

  • Landscaping of digital tools for different domains of clinical symptoms in patient with HD (or related conditions) currently existing or in development.


Lead Facilitator:
PD Dr. med. Marcus D’Souza
Senior Neurologist at the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland

Associated EHDN Language Area Coordinator:
Gulten Geneci, EHDN Lanco, U.K.