EHDN2022 DAY 1

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WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION Chaired by Anne Rosser, Patrick Weydt, Astri Arnesen
Anne Rosser Astri Arnesen Patrick Weydt

KEYNOTE SESSION: 150 Years of Huntington’s Disease;
Chaired by Anne Rosser and Charles Sabine

Charles Sabine

Living with HD
Charlotte Raven and Ed Wild

Mutant Huntingtin: Molecules, Models, Medicines
Gillian Bates

Wild-type Huntingtin: Evolution, Structure, Function
Elena Cattaneo

Remembering Lesley Jones

Anne Rosser and Sarah Tabrizi

PLENARY SESSION I: New Genetics of HD;
Chaired by Hoa Huu Phuc Nguyen and Flaviano Giorgini

Hoa Huu Phuc Nguyen and Flaviano Giorgini

Genetic Modifiers in HD and Somatic Mosacism
Darren Monckton

Non-pathogenic CAG Tract and Gray Matter Microstructure in the Human Brain
Larissa Arning

FAN1 as a Genetic Modifier for HD Progression
Joe Hamilton

HD genomic modifiers: emerging biological, clinical and therapeutic insights
Galen Wright

PARALLEL SESSION I: HTT Structure and Function;
Chaired by Chiara Zuccato and Frédéric Saudou

HTT/HAP40 Complex in the Pathophysiology of HD
Stefan Kochanek

HTT Role in Neuronal Transport
Frédéric Saudou

HTT Exon 1 Aggregation and PTMs Code
Hilal Lashuel

PARALLEL SESSION I: Digital Endpoints;
Chaired by Ralf Reilmann and Ahmad Aziz
No Video
Digital Endpoints – A Perspective from Multiple Sclerosis Bridging to HD
Marcus D’Souza

Lessons Learnt from the Roche HD Digital Monitoring Programme
Jonas Dorn

Lessons Learnt from Q-Motor and Q-Cog in HD Trials
Robin Schubert

PLENARY SESSION II: Approaches to Quality of Life and Clinical Management of HD;
Chaired by Alzbeta Mühlbäck and Giorgos Papantoniou

Session Introduction
Alzbeta Mühlbäck

Coping with Symptoms of HD – A Patient Story
Tess Persson

Quality of Life and PROMs for HD
G. Bernhard Landwehrmeyer

Understanding Emotions and Psychiatric Aspects of HD
Åsa Petersén

Management of the Psychiatric Symptoms in HD
Duncan McLauchlan

Panel Discussion

Chaired by Michael Orth and Kristina Becanovic

Kristina Becanovic

Imaging Working Group
Rachael Scahill and Nicola Hobbs

Cognitive Phenotype Working Group
Saül Martinez Horta

Physiotherapy Working Group
Anne Kloos, Una Jones, Deb Kegelmeyer

Systems Modelling Working Group
Christian Neri

Incidental Findings Task Force
Nayana Lahiri

Chaired by Maria Björkqvist and Marco Onorati

CircHTT, a Novel Circular RNA molecule from the Huntington’s Disease Gene Locus: Functional Characterization and Pathophysiological Implications
Jasmin Morandell

Investigating the Multi-Omic Impact of Huntingtin Aggregates on the D. Elanogaster Brain
Megan Bonsor

Neuropathological Function of the TANK1-Binding Kinase 1 (TBK1) in Mouse Models of Huntington’s Disease
Rosanna Parlato

Juvenile HD Fused Brain Organoids of Dorsal and Ventral Origin to Understand Early Neurodevelopmental Aspects of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Karolina Świtońska-Kurkowska

FAN1 Prevents CRISPR-Cas9 Nickase-Induced Contractions of CAG/CTG Repeats
Laura Heraty

EVENING SESSION: Special Lecture by Nora Guthrie;
Chaired by Michaela Winkelmann and Patrick Weydt

Michaela Winkelmann and Patrick Weydt
No Video
Finding Our Way
Nora Guthrie

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